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3 Step Of Marketing to Increase the Hotel F&B sales.


Hello Hotellers if you want to increase your F&B sales follow these 3 steps for 100% results.

Content Creation for F&B

You must understand that content is the king of any marketing strategy and sales. so first you have to analyze the Competitors around you what kind of Content they are creating and what better you can do.

list of Content types that you can create

  1. Videography of your Platers. (make sure that the video is high quality and realistic not looking fake).
  2. Photography, Make sure you have great images on your Platers and edit them in good design. The most important thing make sure all the items and prices are there in the pictures.
  3. Food Vlogger review is the most important thing nowadays, make sure you have a Food Vlogger visiting your hotel regularly try to make at least 2 every month.

Awareness Generating

After Creating all the content now we have to focus on Awareness, so there are certain ways to do the most effective ways:

  1. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.)
  2. Youtube Ads running.
  3. Influencer marketing.

Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion is a marketing guy thing if you wish to learn more about this you have to follow some YouTube videos, we will also suggest some videos of our own soon on how to do the lead conversion.

things are included in Lead Conversion

  1. Use Email marketing.
  2. KYS Chat system.
  3. Retarget SMM ads
  4. Proceed to Call.
  5. More…

these are some of the things that can help you in conversion.

N.B: If you are confused with these things please get in touch with us, we will be happy to have a call with you can explain how can you increase your F&B sales.

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